Credits and disclaimer.

July 25 draft: Text by Pieta Woolley, Tyee Solutions Society. Visualizations and graphics by Kayla Cherkas, Sebastian Guerrero and Sandra Tirado. Digital Design. VFS. Coordinating Editor, Chris Wood. Kids’ stories are representative compilations based on multiple interviews and do not necessarily represent any one individual person. Specific facts are as provided during interviews and have not been independently verified. To protect identities, names and some identifying details have been changed. Pieta Woolley reports on solutions to breaking the link between foster care and youth homelessness for The Tyee Solutions Society. Articles here were produced by Tyee Solutions Society in collaboration with Tides Canada Initiatives (TCI), with funding from the Vancouver Foundation. TCI and the Vancouver Foundation neither influence nor endorse the particular content of TSS' reporting. Kayla Cherkas, Sebastian Guerrero and Sandra Tirado contributed their work to this project in partial fulfillment of their Graduate Project in the Digital Design program at Vancouver Film School. For information on republishing this content or other Tyee Solutions Society-produced articles, please see this website for contacts and information.